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Committees & Advisory Groups

The Skyestone Community Association (HOA) governance structure has several committees and advisory groups that are populated by Skyestone residents. Residents self-nominate to participate in the committees and are appointed by the Board. Each committee has a Board liaison and are supported by the HOA staff. The committees like the Board and HOA management are key to the successful operation of Skyestone.

To volunteer for one of the Skyestone Committees, please complete this Statement of Interest (SOI) form. You must download and save the form to your local workstation, PC, etc. and email the form to the Community Manager at 

The Community Manager reviews all SOI forms and then forwards the names of individuals to the appropriate Committee Chairs. The individual will then be asked to complete the specific Committee's Statement of Interest form which is available on the Committee's Home Page. The form, once again must be downloaded to your local workstation, etc., saved, and emailed to the Committee chair.

The Committee Chair or an individual from the committee will contact the individual regarding participation in the committee. A recommendation by the Committee Chair is then provided to the Board, which makes the formal appointment to the Committee.

Committees are managed by the Committee Policy. For more information on each Committee see the web page below or contact the chair of the committee.

Architectural Review

Architectural Review Committee

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The purpose of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is to interpret and apply the Skyestone Design Guidelines in their review and approval of all proposed exterior improvements or alterations on individual homes and lots and common buildings to maintain the integrity of architectural and design character of Skyestone. Adhering to the CC&R’s, the ARC Skyestone Design Guidelines provide an overall framework to allow the community to develop and progress in an orderly, cohesive, and attractive manner while preserving the value of the community and the Owners’ assets.


Communications Committee

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The purpose of the Communications Committee is to provide guidance to the Board, committees and task forces, staff and community regarding communications so that the Skyestone community can make educated and informed decisions. The Website Sub-committee and the Welcome Sub-committee have been established to implement the purpose of the Communications Committee.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness Committee

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The purpose of the Emergency Preparedness Committee is to provide guidance to the Board, committees, and task forces, staff and residents regarding emergency preparedness to help the Skyestone community make educated and informed decisions, and better prepare for emergencies.


Events Committee

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The purpose of the Events Committee is to plan and ensure continued success and quality of Skyestone Community Association community events, adding a layer of creativity and planning with entertainment, decorations, games and fresh ideas.

Facilities & Capital Improvements

Facilities & Capital Improvements Committee

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The purpose of the Facilities & Capital Improvements Committee is to provide oversight to all buildings and FFE assets of the Skyestone Community Association, including the Lodge, Common Area buildings and recreational facilities. 


Finance Committee

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The purpose of the Finance Committee is to provide the necessary perspective, effort, and skills to assist the HOA Management and the Board of Directors in deliberation and decisions, to best serve the immediate and long-term financial needs and interests of the Skyestone Community Association. 

Landscape & Grounds

Landscape & Grounds Committee

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The purpose of the Landscape & Grounds Committee is provide oversight to all common area landscape, hard surface and fence assets of the Skyestone Community Association. 

Policy & Regulatory Advisory

Policy & Regulatory Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Policy & Regulatory Advisory Task Force is support the Board of Directors with analysis of external issues having potential impact on the Skyestone Community Association. 

Transitions Task Force

Transitions Task Force

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The purpose of the Transition Task Force is to facilitate and organize the transition from Declarant to the Members (Owners) and enable the Members to assume responsibility for governance and stewardship of the Skyestone Community Association at the end of the Declarant Control period.

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Mission Statement

The Skyestone Community Association is committed to managing a quality active 55+ community for its residents through effective stewardship of our:

  • Finances
  • Governance
  • Lifestyle
  • Natural environment
  • Resident engagement
  • Resources
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Photo by Joan Baker

Core Values

  • Be Respectful
  • Demonstrate Trust & Integrity
  • Be Cooperative
  • Be Welcoming
  • Be Supportive & Caring
  • Be Inclusive & Transparent
  • Use Open & Clear Communication