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Board of Directors

Skyestone is a self-governing homeowners association with an owner elected Board of Directors. There are 519 homes in Skyestone with nearly 800 residents and significant amenities and assets. Currently our organization management structure consists of a five-member Board, and six committees (Finance, Landscape & Grounds, Architectural Review, Communications, Facilities & Capital Improvements, and Events). The operation and administration of the Skyestone Community Association is supported by our management company, Advance HOA Management and an on-site Community Manager. The management company and on-site staff work under the direction and approval of the Board.

The Board holds quarterly Board Forums. They are informal opportunities to meet with Board members to share ideas about Skyestone.

Click on the Board Community Updates Page for up-to-date information on landscape and drainage, communication with the City and County of Broomfield as well as status on work with Kerrane Storz. 

Email the Board of Directors at board@skyestone.org.

The 2022-2023 Board was elected on November 16, 2022:

Elaine Connely

Board President

Liaison to the Events & Emergency Preparedness Committees

Term Through: November 2023

Vicky McDonald

Board Treasurer

Liaison to the Finance & Architectural Review Committees

Term Through: November 2024

Peter Keppler

Board Vice President

Liaison to the Landscape Committee

Term Through: November 2023

Larry Foster

Board of Director

Liaison to the  Communications Committee

Term Through: November 2024

Mike Jacobson

Board Secretary

Liaison to the Facilities & Capital Improvement Committee

Term Through: November 2025

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Mission Statement

The Skyestone Community Association is committed to managing a quality active 55+ community for its residents through effective stewardship of our:

  • Finances
  • Governance
  • Lifestyle
  • Natural environment
  • Resident engagement
  • Resources
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Photo by Joan Baker

Core Values

  • Be Respectful
  • Demonstrate Trust & Integrity
  • Be Cooperative
  • Be Welcoming
  • Be Supportive & Caring
  • Be Inclusive & Transparent
  • Use Open & Clear Communication